Sleep is too often overlooked as a core part of our well-being. We're here to help you sleep better.

Alasdair Brown, Founder


It starts with your bedroom, uncluttered, dark and cool
The right type of mattress for your body and sleeping position is
Don't underestimate the importance of pillows and duvets

According to The Sleep Council, 40% of people suffer with sleep issues. The Daily Mirror goes further, saying in a survey of the nation’s sleep habits that 30% are severely sleep deprived, putting them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.

At Browns for Beds it's our mission to help you sleep better. To do this, we consult with every customer using our simple 4 step process;

Step 1

We will ask you a series of questions to fully understand your specific needs and where you feel you need to see an improvement in your sleep. This could be a need to wake with reduced aches and pains or to sleep more comfortably at a lower temperature. Everyone is unique in their sleep needs, which is why a one size fits all approach doesn't work and a more bespoke, tailored approach to a sleep solution is required. This is what we do.

Step 2

We will match products to your specific needs and budget to arrive at a sleep solution that is just right for you. This could be a complete bed set or something as simple as a new pillow. 

Step 3

Where required, we can locally deliver and install your bed, mattress and furniture to ensure they are built correctly and therefore best able to provide the comfort and support you need (charges may apply).

Step 4

Once everything is in place we can make tailored suggestions on ways in which you can improve your sleeping space to help ensure a better night's sleep.


In addition to the above, you can read and watch our various sleep related articles, all designed to help improve your sleep. You'll find these in the Blog section.


So trust Browns for Beds to help you get a better night's sleep.



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