Tardis-like storage for bedrooms in modern homes

Open up the storage possibilities with an ottoman divan bed and save valuable floor space and money.

Bedrooms in modern homes are typically quite small, this is especially true of the secondary bedrooms that are often used as rooms for our kids. The trouble is, our kids often accrue a multitude of possessions, toys, clothes and shoes, all of which need stored away when not in use. The usual solution is to buy storage furniture like wardrobes and chests of drawers, that take up valuable floor space and cost money.

Okay, so what do you suggest as an alternative? Embrace modern minimalism?

Not quite, there's no need to adopt an entirely new way of living. Making your usual bedroom furniture work harder for you where storage is concerned is an easy way of adding extra storage space without extra furniture and it'll save you money too. Ottoman divan storage beds offer a large amount of flexible, easily accessible storage space within the footprint of the bed itself. No extra furniture needed.


A typical ottoman divan storage bed in a single size has more than 2 and a half times the storage space of a typical Malm 4 drawer chest of drawers from IKEA.

And this doesn't just apply to kids rooms, master bedrooms and spare rooms can also benefit from ottoman storage with options available in all typical UK sizes in either side or end opening configurations. Sounds good right? View some of our options here or visit us in-store to try a display model for yourself.

The extra benefit of ottoman storage is their reliability. How often have you over-stuffed a drawer and broken the base? Or found the drawer bases to sag over time and catch on the inside of the unit, preventing it from opening? Frustrating, we know. Ottoman storage beds won't give you these issues. With reliable, gas-strut-supported hinged-lids, they're easy to open and close and with solid bases they won't sag or break over time. Just be sure to look for the models with platform or solid mattress support. Cheaper slatted models will suffer from the same reliability issues as standard slatted beds, in that the slats are often thin and can pop out or break easily.

So what are you waiting for?

Liberate your valuable bedroom floor space by switching to ottoman storage beds and change your life. (Okay, it may not change your life but the practical impact on living in your home will be for the better).

* IKEA Malm 4 drawer chest - 198 cm2 total storage volume. Single ottoman bed - 547 cm2 total storage volume. 547/198 = 2.76 times the storage space.


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