Don't believe the hype...

Why you shouldn't buy what they're peddling.

Source: - 15/04/21

With lockdown easing across the UK, homeware retailers are reopening and welcoming back customers. But beware the 'amazing offers' available at the big retailers, where all may not be what it seems.

Source: - 15/04/21

The big retailers have all reopened with 'sales' offering up to 50% or more off their 'usual' prices. On first glance you'd think that's great and start handing over your hard earned. However bed purchases are something you're only likely to make every few years, so you're not likely to monitor these sales and general prices over a period of time. As with most things, the devil's in the detail and the big boys are counting on you not noticing.

Should you pay attention to these 'sales' you'll start to notice that one ends and rolls into another by another name. A straight '50% OFF' turns into a 'Spend & Save' campaign and so on and so on... So what's the big deal you might ask? Well, these perpetual 'sales' don't point to massive generosity on the part of the big retailers, rather that the prices being advertised in these 'sales' are simply the standard prices in disguise. For legal reasons the savings advertised will be genuine, however the pre-sale prices for these products are simply inflated prior to a 'sale' promotion beginning to allow a saving to be shown. This in-turn allows for the bold and attractive '50% OFF' messages to be advertised to lure in unwary shoppers.

Now there may well be genuine deals to be had within these promotions, particularly for in-stock and clearance lines, however the general rule to follow is that the 'sale' price is just the normal market price for these products. Need further evidence to convince you? Why would big retailers perpetually offer such large promotions when they have big expenses in stores, stock, advertising etc to pay for? Surely they couldn't afford to do so? And yet they continue to flourish and offer 'sale' after 'sale' after 'sale'... It's therefore clear that they're making enough at the 'sale' prices to cover these expenses and make a profit on top.

Want to avoid the so-called 'sales' and simply pay a fair price for a quality product, regardless of when in the year you need it? Then give us a try. We never run 'sale' promotions, only ever advertising fair prices backed up by decent warranties and excellent local service.

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