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Why you shouldn't shop online for your next bed or mattress, if you can at all avoid it.

The ever-growing popularity of online shopping, accelerated by the pandemic, has made it easier than ever to find and buy a new bed or mattress without leaving the comfort of your own home. But should you?

Whilst the convenience of online shopping is undeniable, the complete lack of any tangible experience with a product remains a limiting factor. Without the ability to touch, smell or taste, you simply cannot fully appreciate and understand what you are buying. This is especially true when shopping for a new bed or mattress. Without the ability to try before you buy and compare various models with differing features and specifications, how can you possibly expect to be able to choose a model that's truly suitable? One that provides the right balance between comfort and support?

The online brands have a solution to this; the sleep guarantee. Here you have a period of time to evaluate your new mattress in your own home and return it free of charge should you find it unsuitable.

This however is where things get complicated. Such guarantees usually only apply to mattresses and do not include beds, leaving you with a bed which cannot be returned. Secondly, should you exercise your right to return your mattress under these schemes, often it isn't economical for the manufacturer/retailer to collect it from you. Instead you'll be instructed to dispose of it yourself, which in itself is a hassle and massively environmentally unfriendly, as the majority of UK recycling centres currently do not recycle mattresses. This means your 100 day old mattress ends up in landfill.

Shopping in a physical store for your next bed or mattress has many benefits that shopping online simply cannot provide. Firstly, you'll benefit from the experience of the store colleague in helping you choose a suitable model from the mountain of options available. You'll be able to compare and contrast several models back to back by trying them, again helping you narrow down your options. Being in the store you'll be better able to assess the quality of the beds and mattresses you're looking at and be able to choose a fabric and colour from physical swatches rather than an image on a screen. And often, you'll be able to negotiate a price and get a better deal - have you tried negotiating with the 'Add to basket' button on Amazon?

Perhaps the biggest and often most overlooked reason to buy in a store is that your sale supports that store and its employees, helping the local economy. This is of even more significance should you choose to shop with a local independent retailer, where your sale really does matter to them.

So when you're in the market for a new bed or mattress, please consider shopping local instead of online if you can. Despite well established assumptions, it may prove to be cheaper, more convenient and simply a better experience all-round.


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