Buy the best, buy british, save jobs

At Browns for Beds we pride ourselves on offering high quality, British made beds and mattresses. Between Sep 19th and Oct 18th we'll be highlighting such models from our range as part of the national 'Buy the Best, Buy British, Save Jobs’ campaign.

The British Furniture Confederation’s (BFC) ‘Buy the Best, Buy British, Save Jobs’ campaign aims to make people aware of the jobs at stake in the wake of COVID 19 and to encourage them to seek out British made goods.

“These are unprecedented times and this is an unprecedented step by the whole of the British furniture industry which is coming together for the firs

t time to support jobs across both manufacturing and retail,” said BFC chairman Jonathan Hindle. “The home market is worth £12 billion a year and if you add in the whole of the furnishings sector along with retail, the industry supports some 340,000 jobs. And every extra £1m spent on British furniture could support up to 50 manufacturing jobs in the sector.”

So if you're looking for a new bed or mattress, support British jobs by choosing from one of our great British brands. #CarterandLewis #DuraBeds #Springcraft #UNO #Komfi

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