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Advice to help you choose the right type of bed and mattress.

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Do I need a new bed or just a new mattress?

This really depends on the age and condition of your current bed and mattress. It is generally accepted that you should replace your mattress every 7-8 years and your bed base or frame every 10 years.


If you are finding yourself waking up often during the night or waking in the morning with aches and pains, then it is likely that a new mattress should be considered. This assumes that your bed base or frame is structurally sound and supporting your mattress effectively. Read our guide here on what to look for when choosing a new mattress.


Should your bed base have any give on the top or your bed frame have any broken or missing slats, then it's time to invest in a new bed.

What kind of beds do you offer?

We offer a wide range of beds including wooden bed frames, upholstered bed frames, divan beds and ottoman storage beds. Our upholstered bed frames, divans and ottomans are all made to order in the UK.

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Wooden Bed Frames

Our wooden bed frames offer the very best in materials and construction, they are truly built to last. Featuring metal corner brackets, steel centre beams and solid wooden slats, our wooden bed frames will last for years.

Upholstered Bed Frames

Our upholstered bed frames will add the wow factor to any bedroom. Made in the UK and upholstered in the finest materials, each bed frame features metal corner brackets, centre beam support and solid platform mattress support. No cheap slats here. Ottoman storage can be added as an option along with matching storage boxes.

Divan Beds

A firm favourite, our divan beds offer the best value and easy assembly. Featuring inter-locking bases, with or without drawers, you have a wide choice of headboard styles to choose from to adjust the look to match your bedroom. Every divan base has solid platform mattress support instead of slats, ensuring your mattress provides the support it is designed to.

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Ottoman Storage Beds

There's simply no better way of getting more storage for your money than with one of our ottoman storage beds. Available in front or side opening options, the gas struts help lift the weight of your mattress, giving easy access to the generous storage underneath. As with our divan beds, there is a wide range of headboard styles, fabrics and colours to choose from.

What about kids beds?

We don't sell bunk beds, high sleepers, themed beds or the like. In our experience these are often manufactured using cheap materials, feature weak slats incapable of properly supporting a mattress and can often be prohibitively expensive. Although they might appeal to kids, they often don't provide the support a growing child needs.

Instead we provide solid wooden bed frames and divan beds in single sizes which are best suited to providing the support a mattress requires to do its job properly. This will help ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep needed to support their growth and development.